Well then…

Got a bunch of new followers last night. Hi everybody!! Glad to see you stop by!

So, just a heads up as to what I do round these parts. I draw a lot of Captain Swan, that’s for sure. But I also draw other things, so check out my tag page to see if there’s anything you like or anything you’re going to have to put on your Blacklist or Tumblr Savior. I tag all my art in specific ways but if I forget something, let me know.

Otherwise, I do livestreams often, so check those out. I also do commissions, if anyone is interested. Check out my FAQ for more info!

Water Color Paper Doll- Sailor Moon Prototype 1:
Still a work in progress, still gotta make a bow (or two), her wand, still gotta clean up the edges with paint and trimming. Also still gotta add jewels and glitter on the shoes. Other than that, she’s looking pretty good!